O'Malley's exit eagerly anticipated

I am getting giddy with delight. The word's out. This has been the worst-kept secret in our fine state.

The governor has been raising national campaign money, a nice sum of $500,000 ("O'Malley taking effort national," Aug. 1.

What did everyone think the "absentee governor" was doing when he wasn't behind the desk in Annapolis? We know he wasn't minding Baltimore's leaderless, spineless jail security situation or the raging murder rate in Baltimore. And just exactly is a "stormwater fee" or "rain tax?"

(And, please, someone school me on the difference between fee and tax).

The Kennedys. The Clintons. And now, I don't believe I can fathom Chapter III, in which the O'Malleys go to D.C.

I'll just merrily count the days until the moving vans pull up to the governor's mansion on his last day of public service to the state of Maryland. For a dose of reality, perhaps the moving van will be inscribed with the name "Mayflower." Sweet irony, yes?

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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