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O'Malley offers only a con job

Regarding The Sun article on Gov. Martin O'Malley's recent campaign swing to South Carolina ("O'Malley takes a tryout in S.C.," March 24), he states that his principles are working in Maryland. This is false.

During his campaign, Mr. O'Malley opposed raising taxes. But in his first months in office he raised so many taxes that he set a record for tax increases since colonial days. He opposed gambling but after taking office decided he was in favor and helped pass slots and table games. He was opposed to raising college tuition but did so after he was elected. He constantly raided the transportation budget to fund other programs, and now he is raising gas tax. These are just a few of the reasons Governor O'Malley's two terms are tainted with untruths!

He states that he is investing more to improve education. Really? Why did Baltimore's mayor and other school officials march to Annapolis to lobby for funding to repair depleting school building that he says is improving? He also talks about job creation but where? We have lost thousands of jobs, and by the way, major businesses in Maryland have defected to other states because of out-of-control taxes. They cannot survive and grow with his plan. Cut spending? The budget has grown.

Mr. O'Malley can go all over the country flaunting his policies of success but the bottom line is Maryland is struggling big time and if you were to check all states as to where Maryland ranks as far as economic standing you will see that they rank as one of the 10 worst. Governor O'Malley either exaggerates a lot or hides the truth. Put together a list of pros and cons to describe his terms in office and the cons will out number the pros 10-1.

John Krainer, Baldwin

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