O'Malley doing what he was elected to do

Gov.Martin O'Malleyis a lame duck. He can do exactly what he pleases in his second term. This is the only time that politicians have this luxury. In contrast to the recent ad hominem attack ("O'Malley's cowardice," Feb. 8) accusing him of cowardice, he is manifestly demonstrating political courage at this time.

That's particularly true considering his thoughts on taxation and same-sex marriage were not exactly a mystery in November of 2010. Nor were the positions of his opponent on these and sundry issues especially obscure. We reelected Mr. O'Malley by a resounding 14 percentage point margin. If he doesn't use the mandate we gave him to pursue his ambitious agenda, he'll be squandering our votes.

Paul R. Schlitz Jr., Baltimore

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