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Mossburg misses O'Malley's point on jobs

In her recent diatribe against Gov. Martin O'Malley ("O'Malley and Jobs: Contrasting visions," Aug. 31), Marta Mossburg spends so much time attempting to assert her intellectual superiority that she misses the governor's point on the subject of jobs completely.

Mr. O'Malley was making the obvious point that in a capitalist society on a practical level one ceases to exist unless they are employed. Without a job, bills go unpaid, young mouths go hungry and families fall apart. Like most conservatives, Ms. Mossburg enjoys blaming the victims of economic downturns. Her column infers that if you can't find work, guess what, it's your fault.

During his presidency, Franklin D. Roosevelt considered implementing a second Bill of Rights that would increase the quality of life for all Americans. One of the main tenets of the proposal was to guarantee a job paying a living wage to anyone who was willing to work hard. Mr. O'Malley is following in the footsteps of that tradition. I don't know about you, but I'll take the governor's compassion, understanding and overall decency over Steve Jobs' vindictiveness any time.

Patrick D. Weadon, Severna Park

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