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Politicians owe Marylanders an apology for health law's failures [Letter]

Columnist Dan Rodricks writes that Marylanders have an apology coming for the flawed rollout of Obamacare ("Some Marylanders deserve apology for insurance stress," Jan. 16).

Mr. Rodricks might start by with apologizing himself for his endless promotion of Obamacare over the last several years.

Now that he has what he wanted he is trying to blame the law's problems on the Republicans, even though not one Republican in Congress voted for Obamacare.

And don't give me that single-payer baloney. The only single payers in this country are the American taxpayers, which doesn't include the 12 million people who are unemployed.

As far as Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown is concerned, he is nothing but an empty suit standing in the Democratic line of succession, while a smug Gov. Martin O'Malley dreams of the White House.

Fortunately he hasn't a chance: We actually still have a two-party system in the United States, unlike the one here in the People's Republic of Maryland.

Paul Johnson, Timonium

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