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Obama has painted himself into a corner on Syria

The Sun asks its readers whether they agree or disagree with President Barack Obama's going to Congress for approval to attack Syria. But the president already has said he doesn't need congressional approval to launch a military strike. So why did he go to Congress in the first place?

The problem is that when it comes foreign policy, the president doesn't have a clue. He has painted himself into a corner by stating that Syria could not cross the "red line" barring the use of chemical or biological weapons. Only he didn't have a backup plan when he said it.

Now he wants to "punish" Syria so that he won't look like a total fool. Whatever he does, he needs to get his base under control, which is livid over his intention to use military force.

The only thing that makes sense is to go to Congress. That way Congress passes a resolution setting limits on the use of force, and when people complain we went to far or not far enough, the president can say "Congress tied my hands."

You have to give him credit for being a consummate politician. Unfortunately, to our allies and enemies alike he just looks weak.

R. Houck, Rosedale

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