Obama repeats the stimulus mistake

In your editorial on the Republican reaction to President Obama's jobs plan ("Let them eat tax cuts," Sept. 12), why give a snide remark about House Speaker John Boehner playing golf? Mr Obama has played more in the last two and a half years than I have, and I am retired and my kids are out of house. I couldn't afford the time to play golf when my kids were his age — not the money but the time investment. He must be either cutting us or his kids short (and seems to be us).

His jobs bill (aka stimulus 2) is a repeat of the first one, it just spends half as much money we don't have. Based on experience (something most bureaucrats and academics don't pay attention to), the unemployment will go to 10 percent and the deficit up another $447 billion but will be portrayed in The Sun as a success no matter the outcome.

All you have to look at is Mr. Obama's good friend, GE CEO Jeffrey Imelt, to see what the administration's philosophy really is. Mr. Imelt keeps sending jobs to China (medical division and soon aircraft engines) and not paying (albeit legally I am sure) U.S. taxes, and he is still the leader of the president's "Jobs Council." Unbelievable. We used to call it "tone from the top." Do as we say not as we do.

Peter Morici was correct in his commentary last week that to really start straightening out the economy, the following issues need to be addressed, and now: China, which is hurting us badly with currency manipulation; energy independence; and de-regulation. But unfortunately Mr Obama does not have the intestinal fortitude (nor the business sense) to address these in a meaningful manner.

Lyle Rescott, Marriottsville

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