Ron Smith engages in sweeping generalizations, absurd speculation

It's frustrating that a respected columnist like Ron Smith has taken to writing articles that are full of sweeping generalizations, absurd speculation and overheated rhetoric ("As Obama's fortunes sink, his media admirers panic," Sept. 2).

Take this sentence: "Mr. Obama's weakness has his devoted champions in the Big Media sweating bullets." Who is this "Big Media" with capitalized letters he's talking about?

Is she, perhaps, the star of a new Tyler Perry movie? I say this humorously in order to point up Mr. Smith's confusing attempt to create a mysterious behemoth aimed at scaring the public.

Mr. Smith's preceding paragraph states that only 19 percent of respondents in a new poll approve of the job the president is doing. Yet he then goes on to say that Mr. Obama has a posse of "devoted champions" in the so-called "Big Media," a claim he fails to prove or support in any way.

These kinds of contradictions and assertions do nothing to forward the healthy dialogue we need for citizens to be properly informed of the facts. The Sun's readers deserve better.

Steve Weaver, Baltimore

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