How about freedom from religion?

If Barack Obama is a cool combination of Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., andJohn F. Kennedy, it is because he is extremely intelligent and well read. Whereas Republican candidates haven't read the Bible they pound.

While President Obama seems to be a faithful Christian, it will not help him politically. This is because Christian leaders use their myth to control people and want government to "back off."

We must continue to resist the barbarism of the faithful. Careful analysis by biblical scholars shows that Paul never intended Jesus to be a real person. The gospels were made up later and placed first in the New Testament. The Jesus myth is not unique among 600 or more religious mythical traditions: they're all false. So we can stop dragging crosses (some have been actually nailed to a cross to show their faith) and stop hurting and controlling poorly read parishioners.

Theodore Carl Houk, Lutherville

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