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Obama a Marxist? Hardly

I saw the point of the writer who complained about Leonard Pitts' rather frequent accusations of "racism," but to say that President Obama's policies are "socialistic, Marxist" ("No racism here Mr. Pitts " Readers Respond, Aug 11)? Give me a break. This is not Fidel Castro, people! Obama is so timidly middle-of-the-road I am always shocked when I hear people describe him as if he were some flaming radical. He seems to be pursuing the same policies as George Bush before him, a far as I can see. Even "Obamacare" is hardly universalized medicine. People who call Obama a "radical" and "Marxist" and those sort of kneejerk accusations obviously haven't been watching him knuckle under to the Republican very far right's demands.

Charles Rammelkamp, Baltimore

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