Obama is getting us out of the mess Republicans left us in

Letter writer Wayne Brown wants the Democrats thrown out of Washington before they turn this country into Greece ("Choice is clear: Obama has to go," Sept. 7). But some people relate everything to party affiliation rather than the facts.

In fact, it was a Republican president, George W. Bush, who got us into this mess. First, he started a war in Iraq that cost $1 trillion the country didn't have. Second, we went into Afghanistan, our longest war in history, and that war wasn't paid for either.

Third, he gave tax cuts to the richest Americans that weren't paid for, then he stared the Medicare drug prescription program without paying for that.

All that spending put this country in debt and ran up the deficit. Then came the stock market collapse, bank failures, business bankruptcies and the housing collapse. Talk about Greece?

Like him or not, President Obama has focused like a laser beam on the country's problems, stabilizing the banks and the financial markets and saving General Motors (while Mitt Romney was for letting Detroit go bankrupt).

And don't forget about Osama bin Laden, the world's most wanted terrorist, now dead.

Regardless of party, I'd say these are pretty good accomplishments for four years without the help of the Republicans in Congress, who fought the president from the start and refused to work with him. If Mr. Obama could do all that despite their obstruction, just think what he could do over the next four years.

Robert Stanton, Lochern

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