Obama debate woes encapsulate his faults as a leader

Now after the first debate we are seeing President Barack Obama in the light of truth. The excuse party is filling the airwaves with its talking heads. Al Gore tells us it was the altitude that threw the president off, and another tells us it was the amount of the lies from the other side and a professorial president needed time to respond. What!

So we are to vote for a man who can not take into account the place he is to meet for an important debate? And we are to vote for the most important office of our land a person who needs weeks to think things through before being able to make good decisions? What if we are attacked again? Will President Obama tell the terrorists to wait for a week and let him think it all through?

The truth is plain and clear. Mr Obama is good at prepared speeches. He is good at photo ops. He is good at prepared excuses. But he is not prepared to be president. He is not able to face adversity and work with people through tough times. He always needs his way.

We need a leader. We need someone who can respond with knowledge to our country-shaking and world-shaking problems. We do not need someone who should stay at the level of a professor or a background advisor to the person who needs to make decisions in a timely fashion.

Michael Buttner

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