Obama's comparison of medieval Christianity and modern Islamist extremism was hurtful

Christianity has moved forward while Islam remains stuck in the past

President Barack Obama's recent comparison of medieval Christian atrocities with those committed by today's radical Islamists certainly did not endear him to many devout Christians ("Obama's comparison of Christianity, radical Islam defies logic," Feb. 7).

For the most part Christianity in general, and the Catholic Church in particular, have moved away from the past, while radical Islam apparently remains anchored in the 7th Century.

In recent times, the Holocaust is the only mass atrocity that has been committed in the world's predominantly Christian countries, and that was carried out by the atheistic Third Reich. On the other hand, massacres of Christians and Jews continue to take place in many Muslim nations.

President Obama is entitled to his own view of history, both ancient and contemporary, but his comments at what was essentially a Christian prayer meeting were inappropriate and offensive to many.

Nelson Marans, Silver Spring

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