Oakland Mills unfairly singled out

I am writing to you to point out a particular bias that I detect in your newspaper. It seems that when alleged acts of violence occur in East Columbia, there is a need to include Oakland Mills High School either in the headline or within the article even if it has no relevance to the context of the story.

For example, in the March 20 edition, the headline reads, "Four Oakland Mills HS students arrested in attempted murder." While it is true that the students were enrolled in said high school, the alleged deed had no bearing on the school itself. Again, in a May 4, 2013 article, "Woman found dead in Columbia neighborhood," Oakland Mills High School is mentioned as a reference point regarding where the deceased was found. In contrast, in the May 11, 2013 issue which details the death of an Ellicott City man due to an alleged plot of his daughter and the daughter's boyfriend, the headline, "Teens accused of murder plot," does not identify the Howard County high school both attend. One must read further into the article where the school is identified. Why does this newspaper have different standards?

For full disclosure, I live in a Columbia neighborhood which feeds into Oakland Mills High school where I am a staff member.

Margaret Hunt, Columbia

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