NSA, drones signal coming assault on our freedoms [Letter]

I have seen the future and it scares me and should alarm readers of The Sun. Our way of life and that of future generations are being undermined by the National Security Agency's reach into citizens' private lives.

When this agency plans to spend over $40 million for a wastewater treatment facility to cool its massive computer center at Fort Mead, questions need to be raised as to what these surveillance behemoths are being used for ("Howard County finds a customer for its wastewater: The NSA," Dec. 31).

Shahid Buttar of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee pointed out this nation's lack of oversight. It's good to know someone else is concerned.

On the same page as the NSA story is an article about the approaching drone proliferation ("State loses FAA drone testing competition, still expects research role," Dec. 30).

Again, why is no one troubled? The report suggested that drones "are expected to transform American life in the coming decades," and the FAA is on board with permits for these craft to share our already overcrowded airspace.

Sure, these unmanned aerial vehicles will be useful in natural disasters and in searches for missing persons, but only the most naive would believe that's all they will do. The surveillance capabilities of these UAVs is staggering.

A new world is looming, and we have much to fear. It's time to speak out against the impending assault on our freedoms.

Roz Nester

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