Big Brother NSA

For years, I've been super cautious about my phone calls. I avoid e-mail as much as possible and eschew Facebook and social media. I've nothing to hide, but the thought of the National Security Agency (among others) spying on my day-to-day communications is just sickening ("NSA collects Verizon records of U.S. callers," June 6). This latest news is horrific. Privacy is dead. We have sacrificed our freedom for so-called "security."

Because of cloud computing and NSA's massive, nationwide facilities, data storage is infinite and long lasting. So a phone call today could have security relevance years hence — and possibly get you involved in some future untoward incident. I don't like this at all, especially in light of everyone's naive trust of privacy and our addictive, 24/7 connectivity.

Perhaps the United States Postal Service can take advantage of this information, as I don't think NSA is capable yet of reading everyone's mail. So if you have anything private to say and don't want government snoops looking over your shoulder, put it in a stamped envelope and take it to the post office!

Rosalind Ellis, Baltimore

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