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No Child Left Behind: bad medicine for education

Ever since it was implemented almost a decade ago, No Child Left Behind (NCLB) has been bad medicine: the larger the dose, the worse the after-effects. Idealistically conceived but psychologically warped, it has generated more problems than it has solved — if any.

It has blighted the lives of millions upon millions of children.

It has disillusioned the vast majority of teachers, compelling some to resign in protest, choosing instead to seek other pursuits whose atmospheres provided less frustration and fewer assaults on their mental health.

It has proved to the John Q. Publics, nationwide, that their collective annual multi-billion dollar investment in education continues to go down the drain in support of what passes as education.

The overlords and promoters of NCLB have had a stranglehold on quality education. How much longer will it take for our educational watchdogs to bestir themselves from their unconscionable lethargy to acknowledge and honestly address the hanky-panky and cover-ups that have plagued our schools like a malignancy?

Mary D. Brady, Hagerstown

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