Zurawik leaves out facts to make his case

While I don't always agree with David Zurawik, I always thought of him as a fairly straight shooter when it came to calling them as he sees them and not falling into the trap of indicating any PC bias. That is why I am so disappointed in his recent blog on the Super Bowl coverage ("The Ravens, 'The Wire,' Ray Lewis and Baltimore's Super Bowl image," Feb. 2).

He omits a fact simply to buttress his incorrect assertion. He claims that NFL teams are uncomfortable with a black being the face of a franchise and then lists six of the other seven playoff teams for this year. Is the reason he left off the Minnesota Vikings because they are another team with a black (Adrian Peterson) as the face of the franchise?

From now on, I'll remember this instance whenever I see his posts, columns and articles. And to be frank, I am now less likely to read what he has to say.

Mark Campbell

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