Muslims condemn Ohio attack

Will the actions of one man define the nation's Muslim community?

Recently, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a Muslim-American college student, drove his car into pedestrians at Ohio State University, exited his car and began cutting other students ("Trump says Ohio State attacker shouldn't have been in US," Nov. 30). As a member of the Muslim Writers Guild of America, a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association and a proud American, I condemn this evil and disgusting crime, as do the majority of Muslims worldwide.

Sources say the attacker made complaints about anti-Muslim hate crimes and about being afraid to pray in public, and these are valid complaints; however, it does not justify any sort of killing. By no means does Islam permit the killing of innocent lives, and if the suspect is to stand up for Muslims, he must do so within the confines of the religion he is attempting to represent.

Unfortunately, Mr. Artan has well trespassed the moral limits that Islam establishes for its people and by doing so, he ruins the reputation of peaceful Muslims across the globe, increasing the chances of hate crimes. Therefore, It must be made clear that Mr. Artan's actions are un-Islamic, that the majority of Muslims denounce his actions and that the actions of a few cannot define the community as a whole.

Musa Lughmani, West Friendship

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