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Time to regulate who can have kids

The Sun recently reported on a city toddler who was senselessly and viciously murdered ("2-year-old boy killed in Southeast Baltimore," Dec. 3). The implication in the article was that the mother of the child committed the unspeakable act.

In order to attempt to counter the vicious, never-ending cycle of domestic hostilities, isn't it high time we administer mental competency tests to parents or parents-to-be? If it reeks of socialism, so what as long as it curbs this unfathomable crime.

As a society, aren't we at a point now where desperate measures need to be taken in order to bust the cycle?

It's either a calculated risk be taken to quell the domestic violence issue, or stand idly by while incompetent people continue to reproduce and eventually snuff out the sacred gift of life.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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