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Balto. Co. murder makes the case for firearms in the home

The article "Woman was killed despite police watch" (Feb. 7) shows why firearms are necessary for individual protection.

A woman and her unborn child were murdered by "a former boyfriend who had been threatening her for years." She was "under police watch and had sought a court order for protection against her alleged killer." "She was in the apartment with at least two children" when she was stabbed to death.

Tragically, neither the police, the correctional system, nor the courts were able to protect this woman. If she had had a firearm and the training to use it, the story might have been headlined "Woman's stalker deterred, arrested," or "Woman protects herself and children with firearm."

The police cannot protect each individual and have no legal requirement to do so. Protective orders are just a piece of paper which can offer no protection from those who choose to break the law. We are each responsible for protecting ourselves and our families, and the best way is to be armed and trained to use those arms.

Carl H. Russell III, Severn

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