A better paint job, not illegal murals

I can appreciate the goal to beautify the city with a bit with artwork while potentially causing absent landlords to feel bad for not caring for their property ("Artists target Baltimore vacants," Aug. 14). It's a lofty goal but not a plan that will do much but cause lawsuits from absentee property owners. Hence no positive impact.

How about a joint effort with those painting homes by contractors or homeowners? For every house that is being painted that has a vacant house next door, the artist/activist would paint the vacant house next door for free. Upon filing a permit, the city could provide the contact. That type of program would make the entire neighborhood look better and give the artist/activist a vehicle for exposure and doing something legal and useful. The city would have to give them a blessing to trespass for the purpose of doing ignored work. That would leave the property owner getting a free paint job with no damages, if they even noticed, and help property values in areas that have vacant homes. Only benefits here and less complaints. Just a thought.

I am a city property owner with various rental properties throughout who takes pride in each.

Howard Barshop, Baltimore

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