Ellen Moyer: Mayor is selling out Annapolis to curry favor with developers

I am disappointed that Mayor Josh Cohen has chosen the ploy of character assassination to obscure his own obtuse actions in promoting a zoning change to curry favor with a developer ("City Dock plans restore the luster of Annapolis' crown jewel," July 19).

In 1969 the citizens of this city voted by a margin of 2-1 to support the "no" club. The same groups as are now involved in the fight against this zoning change — Historic Annapolis, maritime and business interests — proposed historic preservation and a strengthened maritime presence rather than the high rises ringing the waterfront supported by commercial interests. Citizens in every ward, by popular vote, agreed with the so-called "no club."

Today Annapolis is alive and vibrant.

It is an international and national award winning town visited by 4 million people annually.

This mayor's zoning change increases the height and bulk ordinance to those in place years ago when the people said no. It fragments the maritime industry that is the economic heart of the city. Instead of the touted open space, his legislation provides for high rise buildings and open space that can be used off-site. That is the rest if the story. The only "no club" in this story is the mayors voice of "no" to the people and to the coalition that has asked for dialogue and received only silence.

Ellen Moyer, Annapolis

The writer is the former Annapolis mayor and a member of the Coalition to Save Annapolis.

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