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Mosby busy for Baltimore

In response to the letter regarding Baltimore City Councilman Nick Mosby ("Does Nick Mosby have nothing better to do?" Aug. 13), I would point out first that Councilman Mosby is not calling for a total boycott of Florida.

He is suggesting that the city of Baltimore continue to do business with those organizations for which it already has contracts. But in the future, it should review and minimize business dealings with the state of Florida. When it comes to selecting a company, if there is one in Florida and one in another state, the city should consider the company outside of Florida,

Second, letter writer Bill Tavernier of Deltona, Fla. is obviously not aware that every Friday evening for the past 19 Fridays Councilman Mosby has been on a different street corner in his district promoting his "Enough is Enough Peace Program." This is a collaborative effort of community and clergy members along with the police department dedicated to making a change in the community. It began in April with 50 people and has grown to over 200 participants who give an hour of their time every Friday evening.

Councilman Mosby is tending to Baltimore's problems.

Denise Love, Baltimore

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