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Morici column oversimplifies President Obama's understanding of the causes of the financial crisis

Peter Morici's piece "Obama's faith in liberalism" (Feb. 21) was written in such a way that the reader could easily have inserted the words liberal or conservative, left or right, etc., in various places in the text and it would still be intelligible.

One example: "Liberal/conservative policies are based more on faith than reason." Later he says that such policies have "little foundation in facts or modern economics." Facts or economics?

Mr. Morici unfairly reduces Obama's understanding of the financial crisis to the idea that it was caused by "lack of regulation" — then goes on for five paragraphs to explain his point of view.

Perhaps President Obama should write a rebuttal that reduces Mr. Morici's understanding of the financial crisis to "too much government regulation" — then write five paragraphs expounding his own views.

Finally, it was not clear whether the closing paragraph was meant to describe conservatives or liberals. "Belief over facts, assertions in place of reason, vilification of opponents: That looks a lot like religion — the worst kind."

Richard Ulrich, Glen Arm

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