David Wilson represented hope for Morgan State University

As a former Morgan State University faculty member for more than a decade, I often used the word hope when speaking of President David Wilson ("Morgan state University refuses to renew contract of president," Dec. 11).

He brought to the university a genuine interest in the concerns of faculty, students and staff through frequent small meetings and large forums that were never intimidating.

Morgan prior to Mr. Wilson had a tendency toward insular thinking and little interest in getting or using the opinions of all but a select few. Mr. Wilson attempted to change that.

He suggested that the university was larger than its physical and emotional boundaries and that it was imperative we embrace all that was novel, integrative and inclusive in our thinking.

Now that he is leaving there seems little chance that the potential progress for which Mr. Wilson laid the foundations will ever blossom. This university cannot afford any more backsliding.

Betty Ciesla, Baltimore

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