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Bad parenting lay at the root of Monae Turnage's shocking death

When two boys, ages 12 and 13, accidentally shot an innocent 13-year-old girl, Monae Turnage, the mother of one of the boys didn't even call 911 to try to save her ("Woman charged as accessory in Turnage case gets $500,000 bail," Nov. 1). Instead, she now stands accused of teaching her son to cover up his crime, hiding the gun and even helping him carry the girl's body into an alley to go out with the trash.

Prosecutors say she also told him to call the dead girl's mother to tell her that her child had not shown up at his house to go roller skating with him and his friend. Is this what mothers teach their kids in Baltimore these days?

As an old lady who was born and raised in East Baltimore, swam in Clifton Park pool, fed the peacocks in the American Brewery garden and went to Clifton Park Junior High, I am appalled at the behavior of the residents there. These days I'd need an armored tank to drive through those streets.

Orva Rule Rossman, Lutherville

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