Modell was a giant; Cleveland is still Cleveland

In his letter to the editor ("Modell: The view from Ohio," Sept. 11), Mark Hazen doesn't have anything good to say about Art Modell who recently passed away in Baltimore. That's pretty typical. I was born and grew up in Ohio (North Royalton), but I moved here in 2004. As we all know around here (and any loyal football fan should know) Mr. Modell did more for the NFL than any other person I can think of and certainly more than any other individual from any part of Ohio.

Any person that don't see that or disputes that just does not know football. But there is a certain element of the Cleveland population that will forever have an ax to grind with Mr. Modell for moving his team out of Cleveland. The facts are that Cleveland government built a new stadium for baseball, and also a new arena for basketball, but then gave Mr. Modell the song and dance about no money left to build a new football stadium. The old stadium was a derelict that was costing far more money than it was worth, and Mr. Modell couldn't turn a profit out of it. He did give the city fair warning that things had to change or he would seek other avenues. So, it was not a surprise when he left for a better deal.

What business man will stay in business long losing money? You will forever get complaints, whining, and sour grapes from the frustrated, the knuckleheaded and the sore losers over there about what they feel about people who did them wrong. It's the same crowd that wanted to scream at LeBron James for going to Miami for a better deal after seven years of carrying the Cleveland Cavaliers on his back. This from a town that showcases a baseball team that hasn't had but a couple of years of prominence since 1948, a basketball team that was in the playoffs once in its entire history and a football team that hasn't won a championship since 1964 when Jim Brown played.

So, yeah, I guess they don't have a lot to be positive about. If they can't see all of the wonderful things that Art Modell did in his lifetime, it just shows the type of individual who lives in Cleveland, which by the way was formerly known as the "Mistake By the Lake."

I rest my case.

Wayne Brown, Halethorpe

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