Md. Democrats should give Mizeur a second look [Letter]

It did not take very long before the jabs and blows were exchanged at the most recent gubernatorial debate between man-children Anthony Brown, Douglas Gansler and Heather Mizeur ("Brown on the defensive," June 3). It probably would have devolved into a worse mudslinging debacle if not for her presence.

We are not acclimated as Democrats in this fine state to hearing such fresh perspectives about how to better where we reside. Ms. Mizeur speaks in real language, not news bites, as do her male counterparts. I also applaud her choosing not to get involved in the juvenile finger-pointing of Messrs. Brown and Gansler.

What differentiates her from her opponents is that she has real vision and also has plans to bring that vision to fruition. That in itself makes me take a harder look at what she brings to the table.

I would highly encourage Maryland Democrats who thought Mr. Brown or Mr. Gansler to be the answer, to reassess Ms. Mizeur. She's bright, very articulate, motivated and cannot be ignored. As I inferred, it's just a bit unusual to be addressed as a human being instead of political chattel in this state.

How very refreshing!

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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