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Mizeur's grass-roots campaign [Letter]

ElectionsHeather R. MizeurDouglas F. Gansler

Maryland gubernatorial candidate Del. Heather Mizeur has decided to run a campaign based upon returning power to the people rather than caving in to the big money that dominates most elections.

Ms. Mizeur became the first candidate for the office since 1994 to accept public financing for her campaign — rejecting the notion that elections must be rigged and bought by the biggest spender. Her opponents in the Democratic primary, state Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler and Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown, have all gone the other direction, wooing lobbyists and corporate executives for cash and more ad time. It doesn't have to be this way.

Ms. Mizeur's supporters have created a grass roots-powered campaign unmatched by any of the other candidates, and they are in it to win. So many people have lost faith in the system, but Ms. Mizeur's campaign is restoring hope that politicians can actually have integrity and represent us.

And her ideas are strong. She is fighting for a living wage, an end to our failed drug war and legalized marijuana, universal pre-K, tax breaks for 90 percent of Marylanders and small businesses and a moratorium on fracking.

We are consistently promised shiny new things during elections, only to be let down when someone takes office. For those ready to fight for a candidate who is breaking the mold, Heather Mizeur is the right choice in the June Democratic primary.

Perry Wheeler, North Laurel

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ElectionsHeather R. MizeurDouglas F. Gansler
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