Minimum wage hike will help businesses become more profitable [Letter]

As a retired businessman with 30 years experience as founder and CEO of one of Maryland's largest engineering companies, I am upset that the business community appears to have come together to oppose a reasonable and gradual increase in the state's minimum wage ("O'Malley, skeptics spar over minimum wage," Feb. 11).

Contrary to claims by the business community that an increase will hurt business, the record of states that have raised their minimum wages clearly demonstrates the opposite: That raising the minimum wage improves workers' productivity and morale while reducing turnover, resulting in improved profitability.

Furthermore, a statewide increase will level the playing field and avoid the possibility of one business taking unfair advantage against another. From an economic perspective, raising the wage will result in greater sales and increased business and economic activity throughout Maryland.

Jack Kinstlinger, Towson

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