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Minimum wage is a jobs killer, case closed

If Robert Reich is looking for "baloney" in the debate over minimum wage hikes, he should start with his recent commentary in The Sun ("The minimum wage and the meaning of a decent society," Feb. 20).

Contrary to Mr. Reich's claim, the academic and economic consensus that wage hikes lead to job losses is overwhelming and based on far more than just vague claims. A nonpartisan review conducted by David Neumark (UC-Irvine) and William Wascher (Federal Reserve) concluded that 85 percent of credible economic studies on minimum wage increases from the last two decades point to job loss following a wage hike.

Mr. Reich should spend more time discussing the academic record rather than attacking Republicans. After all, it looks like they have the facts on their side.

Michael Saltsman, Washington

The writer is research director of the Employment Policies Institute.

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