The U.S. bears responsibility for the violence in Central America [Letter]

Commentator Jonathan David Farley claims that the violence in Central America is that is driving the influx of children illegally crossing the border is "not our problem" ("#Sendthemback," July 22).

Really? The violence these children are fleeing is directly attributable to drugs and drug cartels. It's our demand for drugs, our dollars and our archaic drug laws that have created the problem; therefore it's our responsibility to assist in the solution.

On another level, we should thank our lucky stars that young people are still clamoring to come to our shores, despite our own not insignificant domestic problems, including our gun violence.

With an aging population and low birth rate, we are in serious danger of becoming a senile nation, losing economic vitality, world influence and the ability to continue to support our growing population of retirees without a robust in-migration of young people.

A wise policy would be to accommodate the children who have come to our shores by connecting them with their families in the U.S. or finding foster homes for them, as Gov. Martin O'Malley has advocated.

Jack Kinstlinger, Towson

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