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Mercy wrong to abandon midwives

We were saddened to read that Mercy Hospital will no longer allow Kathy Slone to continue her midwifery practice at their hospital ("Mercy to sever ties with midwife group," Oct. 11). We have three beautiful daughters, and our youngest two were delivered by Kathy and her staff. What extraordinary compassion, professionalism and intuition midwives bring to the birthing process. They practice what women have passed down since time began. Midwives focus on bringing a baby into the world as naturally as possible, relying on women's strength and the support of their families.

In sharp contrast, the board of directors at Mercy shamefully illustrates their cowardice by taking away Kathy's access to their hospital. Kathy and her staff have done nothing wrong. Because of other lawsuits involving other hospitals and other practitioners, Kathy and her staff are being blamed for rising malpractice costs. Talk about injustice.

Pope Francis has been trying to focus the Catholic faithful on the importance of decency to others as his Jesuit training taught him. Somehow Mercy has turned this around. Not exactly the New Testament message and not in keeping with the spirit of Mother Catherine McAuley who founded the Sisters of Mercy.

Kate and Dave Walsh-Little, Baltimore

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