Only six months for Midshipman convicted of rape?

I cannot adequately describe the level of contempt I have for any man, much less an aspiring officer of the U.S. Navy, who would rape and otherwise sexually assault a woman in the manner that former Midshipman 3rd Class Patrick Edmond has been convicted of ("Naval Academy Midshipman found guilty of rape," Sept. 29). That said, I find that I have even more contempt for a military system that would mete out such limited penalty — six months in the brig, dismissal from the academy and the Navy — to a person who was found guilty of raping and sexual assaulting a classmate, and then lying to investigators.

Since when does raping and sexually assaulting a woman result in only a six month sentence? As far as I am concerned, Mr. Edmond and the military judge who awarded Mr. Edmond this insignificant punishment are both a disgrace and belong in jail for a protracted period of time. In the meantime, I hope the Naval Academy's Board of Visitors becomes involved and requests that the Secretary of the Navy conduct a review of this entire matter.

Richard E. Fredricks, Severna Park

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