Saving Social Security and Medicare should be Obama's Job 1 [Letter]

Bravo to The Sun for pointing out the critical need to implement reforms to our entitlement programs ("Medicare's pleasant surprise," July 30).

In an age when half-trillion-dollar federal budget deficits are austere, it is refreshing to hear from a liberal newspaper that the current path of these programs is not sustainable, particularly considering the demographics of the wave of baby boomers now becoming eligible for those benefits.

If we are to avoid becoming the next Argentina, our leaders must establish a rational and fair plan to keep these programs solvent for future generations. Both parties in Congress must work hard on this, but it is critical that President Barack Obama provide the leadership to begin this process.

The president apparently believes that his greatest legacy is Obamacare, which is of dubious merit. If he really wants a memorable accomplishment, saving Social Security and Medicare from collapse would be a great one.

Robert. C. Erlandson, Ellicott City

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