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How about a year without a tax hike?

I was not at all surprised to read the headline on the front page of The Sun that "Democrats seek votes to raise gas taxes" (March 17).

Take out the word, "gas," and this same headline would be appropriate for every session of the Maryland General Assembly in recent memory. Simply put, they always want to raise more taxes and fees — every year. And when they can't raise taxes enough in the regular session, they have a "special session" like the one Gov. Martin O'Malley called a few years back to raise the sales tax by 20 percent.

The reason for this is that the politicians in Maryland have raised spending at a rate that far outstrips the rate of inflation every year, and this goes on year after year. Meanwhile, most families in the state are not blessed with this ability to outspend inflation. In fact, many families in Maryland will actually have to spend less this year, due mainly to the fact that they have to pay more and more each year in taxes.

Wouldn't it be nice to read a headline that informs us that the state legislature will hold the line on spending and not raise any taxes or fees? But to the politicians in Annapolis, such a scenario is simply unthinkable!

Iver Mindel, Cockeysville

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