Why won't Md. GOP repudiate Trump?

Why won't Hogan and others in Maryland GOP follow Romney's lead and criticize Trump?

Maryland Republicans like to bill themselves as a moderate group. I believe they are. However, so far they have not repudiated Donald Trump ("The Trump card," June 13). Senators from deeply-held Republican states like Ben Sasse of Nebraska, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Larry Pressler of South Dakota have repudiated Mr. Trump. Former Gov. Mitt Romney has. The Bushes have. But not the Republicans from Maryland. Maryland is a deeply-held Democratic state. One would think the Republicans who seek middle ground would be first to repudiate Mr. Trump. But they haven't.

Maybe the explanation lies in our history. After all, it was Maryland, in 1856, that gave the Whig Party their last electoral votes. Maryland was the only state in that presidential election to give the soon-to-be-defunct Whig Party the last electoral votes that party would ever receive.

Mel Mintz, Pikesville

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