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Sun errs on Md. GOP coverage

When do you think your newspaper will hire reporters who actually report the news and don't try to sensationalize it?

The recent article by Michael Dresser was a fabrication at best and a mere attempt to discredit the Maryland GOP ("Maryland GOP reject call for Cecil official to step down," Dec. 1). As a member of the Maryland GOP and Baltimore County Republican Central Committee, I was there and didn't learn about the resolution urging a vote against Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus until that day.

The resolution was not brought by Baltimore County's central committee but by John Fiastro Jr. The resolution concerning Cecil County Executive-elect Tari Moore was tabled to the next meeting. The party did not kill the resolution as Mr. Dresser suggests in his article. We will deal with Ms. Moore on our time schedule, not yours.

As a member of Maryland GOP, I believe your paper needs to print a retraction by printing my editorial response so it doesn't get buried on the sixth page at the bottom. If your paper can't report the truth then don't try to report a fabricated story.

J. Michael Collins, Reisterstown

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