Baltimore's violence won't end until we stand up to the gun lobby [Letter]

Thank you to Raymond Daniel Burke for his article about the tragic shooting of McKenzie Elliott, a 3 year old in the way of a stray bullet ("Apathetic no more," Aug. 5). Until and unless we have public servants with a backbone to the gun lobby, nothing will change and there will be another tragic death very soon. The so-called smart gun was even rejected by gun lobby. If anything there are more guns everywhere, and the trend is to continue. Perhaps we will have to amend the Constitution in order to really get a handle on gun violence. The Second Amendment is the only difference in our country as compared to Australia, the UK and Japan where there is no constitutional right to bear arms. We have tried regulation, which the amendment allows, and that is not working.

The ball is in the court of public opinion, and the result seems to be the desire to carry guns everywhere. It is most discouraging to those of us who want to see a real end to the madness

Pat Ranney, Millersville

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