Rolando McClain takes the easy way out

Rolando McClain's professional football career just ended with a thud ("Rolando McClain will retire from NFL," May 16). At the young age of 23 years, he has chosen to retire from the NFL before he even appeared in a Ravens jersey. To be blunt, he's a jerk with skewed priorities.

He was recently arrested for the third time since he turned pro. Instead of manning up to confront his demons, he chose the low road and decided to retire. His decision smacks of hypocrisy and cowardice. This proves to me that even the stellar Ravens' brass makes occasional mistakes (see Sergio Kindle).

Best of luck to you, Mr. McClain. The likes of you are not needed in our proud city. You will never get the opportunity to know what it is like to play football for a class organization. And to a man with limitless potential, that's a shame.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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