Proposed elementary school in Mays Chapel would be a blessing for the community

Who says a proposed elementary school would ruin Mays Chapel if it is built there? Adding a school would be an educational and recreational blessing for the neighborhood.

The current concrete jungle of condos, apartments, shopping center, medical building and swimming pool already holds the award for "ruining" what was once a bucolic woodland. The planned unit development on the west side of I-83 was a painful sacrifice that introduced commercial entities where they never belonged.

Long before Mays Chapel was a twinkle in any developer's eye, the proposed school site was on the school board's map.

Look how far down folks have stooped to suggest that a school, once touted as the anchor of a neighborhood, will bring the community woe. When did multistory apartment buildings and parking lots trump a school?

Build the school and it will serve scores of children from Mays Chapel — which reaches beyond Mays Chapel North — as well as adjacent communities whose families deserve a school in their neighborhood.

Martha Wroten Cole, Timonium

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