Shattuck could replace Irsay as Baltimore's most hated man

It's been almost 30 years since images of moving vans leaving town with our (formerly) beloved Colts enraged us, but the animosity that the picture and the name "Irsay" evoke in Baltimore is still palpable. Ask at any tavern or sports bar; Bob Irsay still ranks as the "most hated" man in town. Now, at long last, he may have a challenger ( "Shattuck, others eligible for merger payouts" June 28).

Having previously dispatched Alex Brown & Sons from its Baltimore home of almost 200 years, Mayo Shattuck stands ready to do Marylanders a great disservice as he ships our last Fortune 100 HQ out of town with the sale of Constellation Energy. If this deal goes through, Mr. Shattuck will have done far more harm to Baltimoreans, not to mention the shareholders he purports to represent, than Vice Admiral Cochrane was able to do in his famous bombardment of Fort McHenry in 1814.

Alas, the elusive title of most hated may still elude Mr. Shattuck. Somehow, he has failed to capture the public consciousness as Mr. Irsay did with his Mayflower vans. Perhaps if a Brinks truck backed up to the Constellation building to carry off the more than $12 million Mr. Shattuck stands to gain from this traitorous deal, the public would awaken, and Mr. Shattuck's name would forever be spat with the same vehemence we reserve for bad sports team owners.

But first, he needs the picture; that iconic image that would symbolize the corporate greed, civic harm and personal gain that Mr. Shattuck has come to represent. In this case, that image would be worth $12.4 million words.

Mac Nachlas, Baltimore

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