Are these the best leaders Maryland can get? [Letter]

Are Marylanders aware that the General Assembly (our state senators and delegates) are part-time representatives who only work for 90 days? To deal with more important complex issues, such as public health and safety, they do not have the time. Apparently they consider it more important to give themselves a raise and name a state sandwich! They are working 90 days at a salary of $43,000. What a great part-time job! I would love a part-time job that pays that much and does not accomplish or provide anything significant in improving our state

Douglas F. Gansler, our attorney general and a candidate for governor doesn't even know what his job responsibilities are. When his office was contacted about reviewing prescription drug distribution offenses and why we don't prosecute "pill mill" doctors, his office said that was not his responsibility. He holds the highest attorney level job within the state, who we should count on for implementing justice and leading Maryland prosecutors to fulfill their obligations in protecting the public? If that is not part of his duties and responsibilities, what is? Shouldn't he take a proactive role for prosecution and justice in combating drug overdoses because of these pill mill doctors? Add to that his position on taxing businesses. Businesses are leaving Maryland, and none want to come to Maryland to create new jobs and opportunities because of the high tax structure. Are these uninformed individuals who so lack for common sense the people we need as leaders of the state of Maryland?

I hope the public takes a stand for more competent leaders and direction. We need intelligent leaders and a government that will contribute to a safe and progressive environment.

Bob Kozloski, Frederick

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