Trayvon Martin coverage: Don't assume 'liberal' bias

In response to the letter written by David Holstein of Parkville ("Trayvon Martin coverage shows liberal bias," March 29), I would like to respectfully disagree with his perspective.

First, he uses the term "liberal" as an empty label to de-humanize a person or an organization. Using empty labels such as "liberal, conservative, Republican, Democrat, heretic, commie, socialist, etc." seems very divisive and disrespectful. These are words a bully would use to force his or her viewpoint onto others.

Perhaps, Mr. Holstein needs to reflect on different ways to respectfully oppose people with differing viewpoints by using some new vocabulary words such as: "social justice, independent, situational evaluation, bipartisan, fairness."

Personally, I feel deep compassion and love for the families and friends of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.

Mr. Holstein, the employees of The Sun and I were not eyewitnesses to that tragic situation. Therefore, I truly don't think any of us have enough information to form an opinion. Hopefully, we will eventually get more information by carefully listening and discerning from all of the eyewitness accounts.

Until then, I respectfully suggest Mr. Holstein consider refraining from prematurely projecting his bias using empty labels in such a righteous, judgmental, and bullying style.

D. Brown

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