Archbishop Lori was wrong to give money to gay marriage opponents

It is truly regrettable that Baltimore Archbishop William E. Lori chose to donate $2,000 from his "personal account" to a group supporting intolerant treatment of American citizens ("A diverse coalition for gay rights," Nov. 29). Clearly, he wasted his money.

One can only speculate how that same amount of money might have improved the lives of the people of Baltimore. We are confronted every day with lists of needs — some very basic — of our fellow citizens. If the Archbishop of Baltimore is such a poor steward of his personal funds, why should we trust him to manage donations to the archdiocese?

The archbishop's leadership on the religious liberty issue has really not gained much traction among thoughtful people, and his politicizing of moral and ethical issues does not really seem to working. I realize that he is playing to his base, but maybe he should learn a lesson from the recent election.

The alienation of significant numbers of Catholics as well as the population at large is certainly not helpful. Archbishop Lori simply does not possess the qualities necessary to lead the oldest Catholic diocese in the country, nor is his message in tune with Gospel values.

Edward McCarey McDonnell, Baltimore

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