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A modest proposal for pensions

Gov.Martin O'Malleyis currently promoting gay marriage legislation. He stated that "one does not have to be an advocate for same-sex marriage in order to support equal rights under the law."

Hopefully, Governor O'Malley will now support equal rights for workers by supporting taxpayer-funded pensions for all working Marylanders. Currently, only a privileged group of people, such as teachers and government employees, are receiving taxpayer-funded pensions.

Expanded pension coverage will ensure that millions of Maryland workers will have the income they need in their retirement years to escape poverty and pay for medical care. Minorities and new Americans will greatly benefit from this plan. Furthermore, pension-related expenditures will boost the Maryland economy and create many new jobs.

It is time for Mr. O'Malley and the state legislature to eliminate worker discrimination. "Equal rights under the law" should not be just a slogan.

Chris Payne, Bel Air

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