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Marathon should have offered prize money

I think it's ridiculous that the Baltimore Marathon had no prize money to give to the winners of any of the levels of this year's race ("Owings Mills' David Berdan wins Baltimore Marathon," Oct. 12).

As The Sun reported, the city of Baltimore benefited from the event to the tune of a $38.6 million economic impact. The entry fee for the full marathon was $110. I'm not sure what the shorter races charged for entry, but I'm sure it wasn't free.

I know that Under Armour dropped out as a title sponsor, but there were 27,000 runners! You're telling me that Corrigan Sports can't afford any prize money? By making this decision, organizers turned the Baltimore Marathon into an amateur event, not one that will attract elite runners.

No prize money equals no elite runners and turns the event into a joke in the running community. Next year Corrigan Sports, should find at least a little something for prize money.

Gerry Fey, Towson

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