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Why are there no white males on the state board of education?

Back in the 1990s, when I was still a high school teacher, our faculty spent a day at Shepherd Pratt — an appropriate venue as it turned out — listening to two educators from theWashington, D.C., public schools telling us how to teach black students. The irony of being lectured on how to educate black students by people from the nation's worst school system was not lost on most of us.

Now it's 2012 and the circle is completed. The state of Maryland has a black state school superintendent, Lillian Lowery, and a 12-member state Department of Education that includes not a single white male. The board does have two members from the Indian subcontinent, but somehow it could find no qualified white males?

I know our governor,Martin O'Malley, is very concerned about diversity, and I know someone reading this will think I'm going to berate him for not having a white male or two on the board. But it's way too late for that.

David G. O'Neill, Princess Anne

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