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The U.S. war in Libya is illegal

Muammar GaddafiNATOLibyan Civil War (2011)

I fail to understand how the Obama administration can legitimately continue the war in Libya. Even though Predator drones are the new weapons of choice and some military gurus feel they are not actual combatants, it's wrong to keep this conflict going without the approval of Congress and by ignoring constitutional procedures.

I have opposed to the American intervention in Libya from the beginning. Our acts of aggression and undercover mischief are illegal under the terms of the War Powers Act.

Based on statements by Admiral Samuel Locklear, head of the Allied Joint Force Command in Naples, NATO's objective in the Libyan mess is to kill that country's leader, Moammar Gadhafi. And the rebels are growing restless at the snail's pace of the mission. "We can't get rid of this man by throwing eggs at him," a rebel envoy in Washington has complained.

Sadly Americans are more concerned with the NFL lockout than about the future of this nation. America's extra-governmental action bodes ill for everyone. I believe the rule of law is essential, especially when it comes to killing people.

Roz Heid, Baltimore

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Muammar GaddafiNATOLibyan Civil War (2011)
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